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Apple is looking to get into social media without launching a new platform

Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) is reportedly looking to get more social.

While building one of the world’s most impressive ecosystems, the company focused on making that platform the best for its users, rather than trying to dabble in too many different areas. Although this is generally a smart move (jack-of-all-trade types tend to come up short on the execution), it has left the company missing out on a rather large market.

Apple is looking to be the source of users’ social media content. In other words, Apple wants to launch an application that allows users to shoot and quickly edit a video or photo, before uploading it Snapchat, Facebook or Instagram.

Instead of creating something to go head-to-head, the company wants something to compliment social media; to be the go-to content creator of social media without actually being in social media.

While it’s always uncertain whether a specific application will catch on with the masses or not, the goal for Apple seems to be to keep people on its hardware, rather than building out an additional application for its services revenue. Plus, from what we know, it would be tough to monetize this thing.

Apple could always have the application pre-installed on devices or strong-arm users into the service, not unlike what Facebook did with its Messenger and Moments apps. However, if the service is good, it should attract the users.