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How to Value High-Growth Startups

January 19, 2018 Tristan Van Iersel

Let’s start this topic with an important question: How will you categorize a company into high-growth? Many practitioners have defined that to be considered as high-growth, the company must generate organically a growth in revenues […]

What is Blockchain

September 14, 2017 Tristan Van Iersel

What is Blockchain Blockchain technology is an innovation that arose out of the ashes o f the 2007-2009 financial crisis. The collapse of Lehman Brothers turned a strictly financial crisis into a trust crisis. Blockchain technology uses […]

Regulations on Virtual Currencies

September 12, 2017 Tristan Van Iersel

Why to regulate Virtual Currencies The Bitcoin structure (and its peers) holds natural tension with traditional regulatory and government controls. However, there are a few aspects of Bitcoins that do lend themselves to regulatory oversight, and […]

What is Bitcoin

September 10, 2017 Tristan Van Iersel

What is Bitcoin Bitcoin is a virtual currency that utilizes blockchain technology. The genesis of this idea occurred in 2009 by an anonymous group of developers. At its core, a Bitcoin is a peer-to-peer virtual currency […]

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