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Google sets October 4th event to debut new phones

It’s a big season for hardware launches and Google (GOOG, GOOGL) won’t be left out, setting an Oct. 4 confab where it is seen rolling out new hardware, including new phones.

The company could leave behind its Nexus branding for phones, with observers expecting the company may put its multicolored “G” logo on, and/or use the “Pixel” designation for new handsets in which it’s taking a heavier design hand. (The company launched the Pixel C tablet at last fall’s event.)

An Android Police report points to all-metal phones, the Pixel and Pixel XL, made by HTC (but branded heavily as “made by” Google).

Also expected by observers: the company’s Amazon Echo-like Google Home speaker/assistant, an Android-powered VR-platform, chat app Allo, and possibly a new Chromebook.