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HBR Tools – Business Valuation (Book)

Are you looking to buy or sell a business, or stock in a business, but you aren’t entirely sure how to calculate its potential value?

The HBR Tools for Business Valuation walks you through the acquisition, buying and selling, and the due diligence process.

Author Joe Knight introduces the four most common methods of valuation, using real life examples to walk you through the calculations and analysis. He lists pros and cons for each methods, helping you identify the measures you should be focusing on to improve your business’s value–or ensure the price you’re willing to pay for a business is worth it.

What’s included:

(1) Business Valuation Handbook walks you through the processes and the four methods of valuation,

(2) Excel models for each method with the real life examples filled out,

(3) Excel templates for each method for you to enter your own data,

(4) Templates for a Letter of Intent for buying assets or stock, and

(5) Due diligence checklist.

Book recommended by Tristan Van Iersel

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