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KPMG – The Transformative Controller: Adding Value and Insight

The corporate controller’s role continues to transform. Driven primarily by advances in technology and the need for organizations to capture, manage and leverage data to enhance an organization’s performance, the controller is at the center of the corporate universe. Increasingly, companies are expecting the controller’s office to be a central resource for critical business information that informs the decisions from the C-suite and across all important operations. Highly effective controllers no longer simply provide a rearview-mirror look at company financial data but offer a window into the future.

In this study, you’ll learn:

  • Controllers look at their roles differently
  • Technology-driven external audit enhances performance analysis and industry comparisons
  • Technology enhances reporting process quality, transparency and accuracy
  • A technology-driven audit delivers a holistic view of company prospects and forward-trending risk views

Free report can be accessed on KPMG or download as free pdf