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Netflix Continues to Expand

Netflix has made a number of moves in order to set itself up for more growth. Be it content deals with Disney (NYSE:DIS), integration with Comcast (NASDAQ:CMCSA) announced in early July, or the company’s expansion deal with Enseo, bringing its service to more hotels.

It hasn’t helped the stock much though, with shares down 14.5% on the year, but investors are hoping that this is simply consolidation.

On Wednesday, the company also announced a set-top box expansion deal with Liberty Global (NASDAQ:LBTYA). Like the deal with Comcast, it allows users to switch to the Netflix platform without changing devices and users can sign up right through the TV app.

While Comcast has a dominating position throughout the U.S., Liberty has a bigger foothold in Europe and boasts nearly 54 million subscribers. Particularly in Europe, this could be a promising growth strategy that accelerates uptake rates for the service in the region.