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Salesforce adds AI to boost financial cloud

Salesforce continues to infuse various components of its cloud application family with its Einstein artificial intelligence software to make data more accessible and actionable.

A year ago Salesforce launched Financial Services Cloud for financial planners and wealth advisors. Now the Customer Relationship Management company has enhanced that service by adding elements of artificial intelligence. It is designed to proactively inform financial advisors of their client’s overall “wealth ecosystem” and opportunities to sell more services.The core change with the addition of Einstein AI is a redesigned screen layout that gives the advisor a more graphic view of a client’s household and related entities, for example, a business they may own, a family trust and other sources of income.

In a demonstration, Salesforce showed how the system would highlight changes in a client’s financial profile, such as new sources of income or the expansion of a business they own.

Einstein could also be set to automatically lookout for mentions of competitors in a client’s email thread. If Einstein observes a drop off in communication with the client it might send the advisor an alert to nurture the relationship with a follow up email or meeting.

Salesforce also announced that Transamerica Financial Network is adopting the Financial Services Cloud for its advisors and agents. That’s in addition to earlier customers to the cloud service that include Perigon, Veterans First Mortgage and Wealth Enhancement Group.

Since it was announced in September 2016, Salesforce has been steadily infusing Einstein AI capabilities throughout the various applications of its Customer Relationship Management cloud platform such as Service Cloud and Marketing Cloud.

Source: eWeek (29/03/2017)

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