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Yelp beat all analysts’ expectations

Given how strong of an earnings reporting Yelp (NYSE:YELP) released on Tuesday night, it’s no surprise to see its stock climbing higher on Wednesday, up almost 13%.

The company beat on earnings per share and revenue expectations and boosted its next quarter and full-year revenue and EBITDA outlook, all of which topped analysts’ expectations. For that, the stock actually hit new 52-week highs in the session.

Yelp is seemingly back on track, although the stock is still a long ways away from its all-time high near $100. At this year’s low, shares traded for less than $15.

The company has expanded the amount of categories, allows users to review, call and find directions, and make reservations.

Once viewed as an M&A target, those talks have since diminished. At its highs, Yelp commanded a market cap of more than $6.5 billion. Even after Wednesday’s rally, the current market cap stands at just $2.8 billion. So if a larger company felt the need, it could certainly afford a takeout, even with a reasonable premium.

Perhaps some merger or other combination could be in store too, if two or more management teams felt that would be beneficial to the respective businesses.

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